Herbal Composition



    1. The formula of PALYGORSKITE is Mg2 Al10 Si24 O60 (OH)12 (NaCa) is a mineral Product Found as a covering layer of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. The structure of each single particle is needle like. This needle like structure penetrates deep in EPIDERMIS when applied and absorbs the MELANIN PIGMENT, and in case of pimples SEBACEOUS LIQUID. The action takes place by exchange of CATIONS AND ANIONS of SODIUM and CALCIUM present in higher concentration in PALYGORSKITE.

    The PALYGORSKITE used in the formulation is processed by Special Technology Developed by R&D Section of Seema Minerals & Metals. The use of PALYGORSKITE makes the skin soft for a long time. Due to the hygroscopic nature of PALYGORSKITE, it pulls out the SEBACEOUS SECRETION collected under the DERMIS (where there is a TENDANCY of pimples and Acne formation).

    2. The ALOEVERA plant is widely grown through out the world. The use of Juice of ALOEVERA was first used as a skin tonic in Egypt. The ALOEVERA JUICE CONTAINS VARIETY of natural Amino Acids, Vitamins, Enzymes and Minerals.

    ACEMANNAN is the active ingredient present in ALOEVERA Gel. ALOEVERA is a very effective skin moisturiser. Since long ALOEVERA is being used in treatment of Skin lesions, like burns, Sun tanning, for repairing of damaged skin tissue. This helps in regenerating the damaged cells etc. These days ALOEVERA is invariably used in COSMETIC products.

    3. GLYCERINE is a liquid formed as by-product in Soap manufacture. GLYCERINE works as a softening agent. This is hygroscopic in nature. This acts as an ANTISEPTIC. This increases the peripheral circulation which helps in fast exchange of CATIONS and ANIONS as well as fast healing/regeneration of tissues. GLYCERINE along with PALYGORSKITE and ALOEVERA Gel helps in keeping the skin moisturised and soft.