One Cream with Different Applications

  • Herbal Cream For Pimples And Post Pimples Scars

    Regular use of Dr. Seema’s MAGIC Cream removes pimples and post pimples scars. Apply Dr. Seema's Magic Cream on complete face and leave it for 15 minutes then wash face with water. DO NOT USE SOAP OR ANY FACE WASH WHILE USING Dr. Seema's Magic Cream. In night before sleeping apply Dr.Seema's Magic cream on pimple and leave it for whole night. It will make the pimple dry as the structure of each single particle of natural Palygorskite is needle like. This needle like structure penetrates deep in EPIDERMIS when applied and absorbs the MELANIN PIGMENT, and in case of pimples SEBACEOUS LIQUID. The action takes place by exchange of CATIONS AND ANIONS of SODIUM ,POTASSIUM AND CALCIUM present in higher concentration in PALYGORSKITE.

  • Herbal Sunscreen Cream

    Used as SUN-SCREEN Dr. Seema’s MAGIC Cream works as an excellent sunscreen as well as protects the skin from pollutants in the air. Apply very thin layer or thin solution of Dr. Seema’s MAGIC Cream on the face as well as exposed parts when going out in the sun. It can be washed in the evening.

  • Herbal Anti Dandruff Cream

    RTo get rid of DANDRUFF, make a thick solution of Dr. Seema’s MAGIC Cream with water and apply in the roots of hair on the scalp and wait for 15 minutes and then wash the hair. Do not use shampoo after washing hair. the same solution also works as hair conditioner

  • Herbal Fairness Cream

    For getting FAIRNESS and SMOOTH skin use Dr. Seema’s MAGIC Cream before bath for fifteen to twenty minutes daily